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5 Future Trends in Human Resources

HR TrendsFortune Magazine conducts a survey entitled “World’s Most Admired Companies – WMAC” annualy and rates the companies according to their reputations. Even though the ranking and the names of the companies in the list change year by year, there are some companies who persistently stay in the list. (To access the list of 2014 please click here)

In the previous weeks I attended a presentation on the future of Human Resources. The presenter was Evrim Kuran who is well known in Turkey for her researches on generation differences in the business life. During her presentation she mentioned a research entitled “Lighting the path to sucess” conducted by Hay Group in 2012.

The research focused on the companies who sustained their places in the WMAC list and highlighted common features of these companies. Let me summarize the common characteristics as the following:

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