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Freedom To Fail


Hiring the BEST talents is arguably the biggest challenge most organizations face. And the task is even more daunting for a boutique company like Learnnovators, which needs to vie with some of the biggest national and multi-national corporates to attract these talents.

But I am very proud to say that Learnnovators has consistently been able to woo and recruit the crème de la crème of the e-learning industry. The key reason, we found, for prospective career seekers to choose Learnnovators over competition was because we offered them something that most organizations did not… the FREEDOM TO FAIL!!!

From a very young age, most of us have been conditioned to celebrate success and denounce failure. In fact, it is almost considered a taboo to fail at anything in life… be it academics, sports, relationships, or career. Our parents, friends, teachers, employers, and society drill into our psyche that failure is NOT an option. As a result, we grow up FEARING failure!

Now, fear is an emotion that extorts us to play safe and tread the beaten path… it prevents us from being adventurous and charting a new course. Can an explorer ever hope to discover anything new if his mind is hounded by the demons of failure? Similarly, can an organization ever hope to do innovative work if its team members are mortally scared of taking risks?

Learnnovators has consciously built a culture where team members are encouraged to think, experiment, ideate, and innovate. And risk-taking forms the very essence of these activities. Going by the way the team has been responding to this culture, it is quite obvious that the FREEDOM TO FAIL is in fact, the greatest freedom a creative mind can ask for. After all, failure is the mother of invention!

On seeing Thomas Edison fail repeatedly in his quest for inventing the first long-lasting electric light bulb, one of his colleagues asked Edison if he felt like a failure. “Not at all. Now I definitely know more than a thousand ways how NOT to make a light bulb.”, Edison replied. A few days later, Thomas Edison brought light into our lives… forever!

Co-Founder at Learnnovators


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