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Reflections From The Movie Screen To Human Resources: Cine Education

Which movie has impressed you the most until now?

Who is your favorite movie character?

Have you known that the most impressing movie, scene or the character according to you give clues about your world-view? Movies are the projections of our lives and the life itself. That’s why cine-education (cine-edu) have been developed by using the movies in different ways.

Cine-edu is a training program that provides secure areas to discuss topics related to work and private life by using movies. There have been many ways to use movies in training program and many factors contribute to the decisions about which movie to choose and how to use the movie. The movie can be watched from the beginning to the end or clips from the movie can be chosen to watch. If the entire movie has been integrated into a program, it can be watched without stopping or appropriate exercises may be given at certain scenes by stopping the movie. Sometimes the movie may be homework; however the effects of watching together should also be taken into account before giving as homework.

The aim of cine-edu is not using that movie or clip as an example. The experiences, feelings, thoughts, evaluations and coping strategies of the characters should be covered during the discussion session in the classroom. While doing this, psychological knowledge and background is needed; because trainer without necessary knowledge and experience might have difficulties in controlling and directing the group. Similarly misunderstandings may arise so that the aim of the session will not be accomplished.

So, why are movies so effective? First of all covering experiences and talking about people from our real lives is risky. Cine-edu has a great advantage of dealing with “reality” over “imaginary” characters and events. Participants, in fact, talk about their own feelings and thoughts while discussing the movie with others because they have identified with the characters negatively or positively. Different ideas and feelings of others help them see where they stand and evaluate their own ideas. In this way, they get a chance to improve their insights. Catharsis, which means the suppressed feelings’ being triggered by the movie, gives a feeling of relief and a chance to develop. In these cathartic situations, the psychological knowledge and experience of the trainer play an important role again because they should be covered in a productive way.

Another advantage of the movies is their presenting both visual and auditory material, so that the audience gets stimulated more effectively. Both remembrance and identification get easier because of the actions. The question marks left behind are as important as the information attained during the program. Processing of the questions and the information acquired during the program continue afterwards, through interpersonal discussions and evaluations. In this way participants understand the information attained and to find answers to their questions. However, participants are not fully aware of this process.

To sum up, cine-edu courses are the training programs in which movies are used systematically with psychological knowledge and experience. The aim is to make participants express their feelings which are triggered by movies in a safe environment. In these programs, movie is not just a tool to have fun but also an instrument to improve. However, it is important that the trainer has necessary knowledge and experience about using the movies.

If you are interested in getting something from the movies, you may start by answering the questions I asked at the beginning. Think about your favorite movies, scenes and the movie characters and ask yourself: Why am I affected from this movie or the character? I hope you take the first step to start this journey and find a chance the experience cine-edu.

Psikolog Dr. Burcu Sevim

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